posted in Miscellaneous, Past Goodness on Apr 7, 2003

Ahhhh…April has finally arrived…Don’t you just love April? How April is warm, cuddly, and has curves in all the right places…wha? We’re talking about the month?? Oh, in that case I hate me some April. I mean, how do you like a month that starts off with an entire day devoted to making fools out of your comrades? Starting a month like that just doesn’t seem to help me out at all. And then a week later the time “changes” just to throw you off track. It’s like April comes along and says, “Hey everybody! I’m going to start off with a day were all of your friends can trick and make fun of you and then I’m going to jack with the time just so you feel all weird on Sunday! How ’bout that! That pansy month February can’t do that!” And the weather is about as stable as a schizophrenic on a three day coffee binge. Is it hot? Is it cold? I don’t know! It’s like when you tease your dog by putting the ball real close to his face and then pulling it away when he tries to grab it. You know he’s just plotting a strategy to put you away if only he had the opposible thumbs. Wait…where was I…oh yeah, April just teases us with good weather and then takes it all away and then gives us some more good stuff and then takes it away. Blast you April! (those who are not living in Oklahoma and are in a more stable region of the world can probably just stop reading now. But that’s ok because I’m finished.).