posted in Past Goodness, Tech on Mar 22, 2003

If there’s one thing about the whole “IM” (Instant Message for you cave dwelling folk) phenominon that I don’t like….it’s how there’s no emotion conveyed. “But what about those little yellow smily faces that are so cute? They show stuff,” you say. Yeah, I guess you’re right. That ten pixel by ten pixel circle shows me EXACTLY what you’re facial expression looks like. I also don’t like those little Taco Neck Syndrom smilies either. You know the type, like this guy: 🙂 or this one: :-(. I have a hard enough time understanding you anyway without have to bend my neck to see what kind of facial expression a colon and parethesis make. And what about this whole “LoL” thing? Something tells me you’re not laughing out loud or even rolling on the floor laughing. Don’t lie to me now. I think it should be more like this: LOTIONRLAABIGTPDLSYEWBTITCBYMSMCJTISWLABPT (Laughing On The Inside, Or Not Really Laughing At All, But I’m Going To Put Down Lol So Your Ego Won’t Be Thrown In The Crapper; But You May Still Make Crappy Jokes That I Still Won’t Laugh At But Pretend To). So you better not be putting “LoL” and not meaning it, darnit. Don’t pee on my back and tell me it’s raining! Because warm rain is the worst rain.