posted in Past Goodness, School on Mar 9, 2003

Parking tickets….is there anything more annoying than parking tickets? The whole premise behind the parking ticket gets on my nerves. “Oh look honey, a nice parking spot,” says one unsuspecting motorist. Little does he know that within minutes someone from the police who has been hired to protect and serve the city will “protect and serve” our friendly motorist a ticket for PARKING in a PARKING spot. Did I mention it was for PARKING? It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside to know that the only thing our guys in blue have to do is find folks who park in the “wrong” spot and give them tickets. I mean, with all of the crazy stuff happening in our world today: war coming close, drugs running rampant in cities, Bob Barker still on TV and still oogling over his “beauties” like a nursing home patient watching Suzanne Somers show that Thigh Master who’s boss…wouldn’t it be nice to just not worry about where we can park? (Disclaimer: No motorists were actually ticketed to create this Ramdom Musing. Any similarities between the motorist’s scenerio above and actual motorists is purely coincidental.)