posted in Past Goodness, People on Mar 7, 2003

I hate it when people say something like, “Oh, her? She’s off the market.” Market? What market? I want to see this place. Do girls just sit on shelves waiting to be picked up? Do they have little tags on them that say “$3.75/lb.?” Do they have expiration dates? Do they spoil? Well…I suppose they can be spoiled…but anyway. No, they don’t. There’s no market; there never will be one.
And what about these fish in the sea, huh? Yes…I realize there are plenty of fish in the sea. However, when I look at fish…I don’t envision beautiful women wanting me to “fish” them from the “sea” with my “fishing pole” of sweet talk and charisma…I see fish. Big, smelly, scale covered, gill-havin’, big-eyed, fin-usin’, lateral-line utilizin’, school-swimmin’, swim bladder in the gut fish. So if fish do it for you man, then hey, to each his own ya sick freak. But I like women.