A picture of the Capital and…the Berlin Wall?

posted in Photography on Apr 15, 2013
From the balcony of the Newseum 2

I haven’t done much photographering in a while, but this last weekend a friend of mine had their birthday and that seemed like a nice time to bring out the camera. We ended up going to the Newseum, a museum about news. They happen to be right on Pennsylvania Avenue, and they have a balcony for people to gawk at the surrounding buildings, most notably the Capital building.

Some of the exhibits in the museum did not allow for photography, so I do not have much to show for the insides, but here are a few images of actual pieces of the Berlin Wall and one of the guard towers that used to line the wall.

That’s about it for these shots. Nothing too special. Now that it is getting warmer, hopefully I’ll be able to get out a little more to shoot. But before I go, here is a fun shot of the inside of the Newseum. It sure was nice outside that day.

So nice that day.