posted in People on Aug 1, 2006

What is it about certain things that make people angry? I admittedly pretend to be angry or get upset at the smallest thing, just to get people to laugh, but other people do actually get upset over things easily and often. I got into an altercation this afternoon with someone that brought on this thought.

One of the biggest things people like to get upset about is family. A crack about someone’s family usually makes them flip out exponentially seven ways from Sunday. To this I say: “Why?” Why do people get so upset about family things. If someone says, “Hey, your mom’s an idiot,” why does that stir up so much emotion? I can understand that people love their families. This idea I understand; I love my family very much. But why do people get angry over what someone, who more often than not does not know this person’s family in the least, says about their family? I’m sure there’s some sort of pride involved, where by not fluffing up and not yelling for no good reason, they are tarnishing their family’s reputation, but that’s just dumb. The guy who gets upset over what someone says about his family is the guy who is very insecure. “I have to make sure my family knows that I beat up some guy for saying my family sucks!” Who thinks this thought is a good idea? Whose family enjoys hearing that their son or daughter got into a fight over what someone said about them? It just doesn’t make sense…to me at least. Maybe my natural fight or flight instinct is drastically different than other peoples’. This may not be completely linked to the fight or flight response, but oh well. I suppose it’s more linked to the “things that I could get mad about or not” response.

Other anger stems from jealousy. You have a girlfriend/boyfriend, they dump you, and then you’re mad at whoever they’re going out with now. That’s a story everyone can probably relate to, if not understand. This is simpler to explain, as well. Jealousy comes naturally to humans. We spend our lives trying to chase this emotion away, but to no avail. We can only suppress it. When the jealousy becomes large enough, it turns into anger pretty easily. I think we’ve all been there.

Yet another anger arises simply from being bred from a retarded family that instills their hatred to their youth. This may tie into the whole “don’t make fun of my family or I’ll wig out thing,” but maybe not. This form of anger is the dumbest, where someone will see someone of a different race or from a different part of the country or from a different religion and hate them just because their stupid parents said to.

So that has been a quick rundown of some of the stupid ways we get angry at one another. Feel free to add your own!