posted in Miscellaneous, Site Updates on Sep 6, 2009

My Amazon Showcase widget broke. It was the widget to the right that showed what I was currently reading. I really liked the flexibility of the widget (you could change the size of the image, as well as what actually displays for text), but they recently updated the widget with something that can only be work-in-progess, as it doesn’t actually work now.

Basically what the program does, for the unawares, is pull an image from Amazon if you supply it with the ISBN number. Simple enough; or it should be. Before, it would work without a hitch. I had it set up to post the first novel I was reading as a fairly large image, while the subsequent images would be smaller underneath. Now it shows nothing, because whatever operator they have for pulling the links from Amazon is borked.

Does anyone know of a good widget or service for WordPress that will display books you’re reading without much hassle? I might just have to end up using my Amazon Associate’s account to do the work for me, but that will take a couple of extra steps that I don’t really want to have to go through. Oh well, as they say: Say La Vee (Yes, I know it’s not spelled that way.)