Assorted Anger

posted in Past Goodness, School on Sep 25, 2005

So some Johnny Retard decides the other day to send an email to everyone on the entire campus. His email was a reply to a previous email sent to inform the students of a Democrat meeting that is supposed to be happening later in the week. Anyway, his email basically voices his opinion that getting emails of the sort that inform students of meetings and other things are trash – which I agree with most of the time. His one email starts a chain reaction that has led to about ten or eleven or so campus wide emails rebutting differing points back and forth. Unfortunately, I was caught up in this crap and sent a short email saying to the effect of, “Why can’t we all just get along?” That – as I have come to find out – was a bad idea. I received email from people telling me to shut up (which is rather silly considering I was just trying to make light of the situation). The thing that I don’t understand is the fact that most of the people who are upset – who have replied to all of this – most likely get tons of spam every day and do nothing about it. The first time they realize that they have the opportunity to respond or the first time the “spam” happens to be so close to home as to recognize names and people is also the first time – most likely – that any of these people have spoken out about it. It seems like that these folks – who are probably getting emails after emails detailing how they can improve their sex life – have jumped on the chance to shout and bicker about something as simple as an email about a meeting or a few replies to an email about that meeting. Human ego has stepped in. Random spam from Jill’s Pleasure Box or Squirrelly’s Summer Sale Spectacular can be overlooked, as it amounts to the equivilant of digital television commercials, but because we as humans like to make sure we’re superior to our peers and peer groups, these people must speak out and stomp and rally against, as it turns out, nothing. The only thing these people get from “taking a stand” on things such as this is the potential comradery they can elicit from their friends (i.e. peers). “Hey, did you see that email I sent bashing that one guy who sent that email in protest of that other email?” These people want to make sure their name is known to everyone. What better place to do that than a weak campus network that allows everyone to email everyone else? All of this is in the same vein as a high school prank: five years down the line they want people to still remember it. As far as this email is concerned, that time frame is obviously very finite, but the idea is the same. Whoever gets the “last laugh” in this reduntant and ultimately useless string of digital crapola will walk with his head a little higher waiting for girls with beer and condoms to throw themselves at him. The “winner,” however, will most likely be the person who just “lasts” the longest. Everyone else will have moved on with their lives, leaving Johnny Retard with his head held high sans women, beer, and condoms.