Band Is For Losers

posted in Past Goodness, People on Oct 25, 2003

Today I am going to recognize those parents who just don’t give a crap about their kids’ activities. You’ve seen them at various activities. Tonight’s culprit comes in the form of the “overly obsessed with football” parent at a marching band competition. This guy, sporting his favorite football team’s baseball cap, sits in the bleachers with his little radio and an earpiece so he won’t miss a single play, because seeing your highschool senior play in what could quite possibly be his last competition is much less important than listening to a game with players that you’ll never meet who don’t even know you’re listening. There must be a lot of love in that household. “Dad! Dad! Did you hear my solo?” “Of course, son. It was somewhere during the time when your band was on the field right? That was during 3rd quarter when KU tried to come back after a fumble. Oh man that was a good game. Oh yeah, sorry I didn’t come say ‘Hello’ to you after you marched. The game was getting really good…” See? A big fat family full of love. So in conclusion, if you’re a crappy dad who thinks the “big game” is more important than the talent within your family, please turn your freaking earpiece down so I can listen to your crappy kid try to hit a super C and fail miserably.