Book Stats

posted in Books on Sep 23, 2007

I’m probably the only person to do this, but I like to keep a record of how many novels I’ve read in terms of pages. After this weekend – upon finishing Blindness – I have, for this year, read and finished sixteen novels:

I’m very happy that most of the books I’ve read this year I’ve really enjoyed. Some I absolutely abhorred, but overall, I’m pleased that I didn’t waste much money. The Night Watch series is awesome, everyone should read it (that includes Day Watch and Twilight Watch, of course). Snow, Blindness, Battle Royale, and Kavalier & Clay are probably my favorites out of the whole set. Definitely check those out.

Those sixteen novels contained 5,985 pages. Last year, the total with twenty novels came to 8,493; both together: 14,478. Fun times. Total pages read in text books so far this school year: 0.