This is one cloudy beach

For weeks the midwest (and pretty much the rest of the country) was sitting around stewing in their own sweat juices because it needed to be over 100 degrees every day this summer for no good reason. The beach was to be a nice change of pace: sunny, but cooler with the ability to get […]


You should look at these South Padre images

I got back home over the weekend, and I spent a good portion of time on Sunday combing through the 647 images I took last week. About one in six turned out OK, so that’s something. In any case, this set includes a few of the images I posted before, but the majority of them […]


South Padre 2011 Pics; Day 0, 1

As you may or may not know, I have been extremely fortunate to be able to go with the fam to South Padre Island at the bottom tip of that relatively smelly state of Texas (I have a lot of friends who live in Texas and they are cool, but the rest of the people […]


Memorial Daze

Figuring that I should have more than one post this month, here is a post! We are all coming hot off the heels of Memorial Day, and with that I need you to know I spent the weekend at the lake being absolutely gross and disgusting. It’s the American way. The lake is awesome because […]