Trump-a-Dump at the State Fair

I’ve been to the Oklahoma state fair several times at this point, and the magic has mostly worn off. As much as I want to walk around in the effluvium of horse dung mixed with sweat and fried food, I have certainly experienced that and know what it feels like.

Big Bird Seed

Anyone like birds?

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to spend some time at a fancypants cabin in Missouri, situated right on the *garbled-voice-because-I-don’t-know-the-name* River. Much of the weekend was spent kayaking and fly fishing, so not many photos were taken. But I did shoot a few of some of the freeloading, forest birds who stopped by! […]


The – belated – Fourth of July 2013 post

Sometimes you take a ton of photos, forget to edit and post them, and then wait about a month before remembering about them until you are about to from your hard drive to an external storage device. Maybe that happened with these Fourth of July photos, and maybe it didn’t. But I do know that […]

Maybe this rabbit is a prairie dog

This rabbit thinks it’s hot stuff

Today, while is the process of taking out the trash, I noticed that the front yard had an intruder, and one most foul: an adorable bunny rabbit who was surprisingly cool with getting its picture taken.

From the balcony of the Newseum 2

A picture of the Capital and…the Berlin Wall?

I haven’t done much photographering in a while, but this last weekend a friend of mine had their birthday and that seemed like a nice time to bring out the camera. We ended up going to the Newseum, a museum about news. They happen to be right on Pennsylvania Avenue, and they have a balcony […]


Inauguration 2013

Every four years we get to become excited for a new president, and today the nation celebrated the inauguration of Obama 2.0. Since I didn’t know if I’d be around the next time this happens, I figured trying to get in and among the people was a good idea. Here are some shots from the […]