posted in Past Goodness on Nov 8, 2005

People take pictures everyday.  With the advent of camera phones, you don’t even have to know you’re having your picture taken, and stalkers are having a field day.  But that’s not the point.  The point is that we feel like we should have to smile when someone is taking our picture.  We want to make sure that when we look at that picture down the line that we will remember how much fun we had.  The photographer even goes so far as to tell us that we need to smile, just to jot our memory in case we forgot that we were about to take a photo that doesn’t show our true emotion.  What if you don’t really feel like smiling?  Should not the photo reflect your current state of being?  Just because you’re taking a promotional photo for your college university, should you be forced to smile?  What if you don’t really like the university and are unhappy with it; why smile then?  Oh, that’s right: so they can pull others into the web.  But that, too, is besides the point; the point being that a photo should reflect the mood of what it is taking pictures of.  If you don’t feel like smiling.  Don’t freaking smile.  It’s as simple as that.