Crazy Searches

posted in Food, Miscellaneous on Jul 19, 2006

Since I have all the power on this website, I have the ability to check everything that goes on around here, even searches. One of you clever folk searched for “Do vegans chew gum?” That’s a very interesting question. This is something that I do not know. I know, I know. This comes as a shocker, I’m sure; it’s few and far between that I do not know something. But this is something that I’ve never thought of.

My first thought was that vegans probably do chew gum. I wouldn’t figure that too many animals are jacked up in the production of gum, but you never know. There’s probably a poor little bunny somewhere that gets bombarded by Double Mint every couple of hours and then goes crazy, but I’d have to (and want to) see something before believing that.

So this is a question that I’ll turn over to you: Do these dirty vegans chew the gum, or are they doomed to sit around and complain about stupid crap like the treatment of animals in video games?

Also, whoever made the original search will most likely now return a result!