Delicate Genius

posted in Past Goodness on Feb 12, 2006

Some ask, “Why do you always write so negatively about everything on this website?”  I reply, leaning coyly on a fireplace mantle wearing a fez and cloaked in my favorite robe, “Why not, my friend?  Why not?”  There are those who seek knowledge through finding peace with everything and everyone, and there are those who find that understanding what upsets them is a natural process in dealing with life that is ultimately also a pacifying one.  If we are to assume that everyone is not perfect, then it is only reasonable that no one can be all good; therefore faults exist, and most are of the skin-deap persuasion.  Seeing what others try to look around is one of my talents.  If big, ugly boots get on your nerves, it’s ok to say so.  Likewise, if a loud, boisterous she-devil gets too close and invades your bubble, then it’s perfectly alright to say, “Sweet, Tap-Dancin’ Moses get out of my bubble!”  Being polite to everyone is a good quality; one that has its many virtues.  But on the same token it is not alright to forfeit your right to be a jerk every once in a while.  Success comes in two parts: the first being able to cooperate with people while on the trail to success, and the second being able to understand that for every time you grab another rung, that is taking the potential from another – which is “bad” for others, as they do not get the job or girl or house or what have you.  So in essence, me pointing out the foils and downfalls of society is just like understanding success: while there may be trash left behind, it has to be done if we are to progress with life.

And if you believe all of that then you’re crazy.