posted in Food, Past Goodness on Feb 17, 2005

I came upon a realization today that may, in fact, blow your mind.  You know how most people punish their dogs when they do something bad, like poop in the floor?  They rub their nose in it.  Have you ever stopped to consider that most dogs, if left unattended, will eventually go back to that same poop and gobble it up?  So, in essence, all we’re doing is tempting the dog; giving him a taste of what he was already going to eat anyway.  How is that punishment?  That’s like shoving my face in a bowl of ice cream.  I suppose I might be a little miffed at first, but I know no one else is going to eat it so I’ll probably go ahead and finish it off.  So a new punishment should be that you pick up the poop and let another dog eat right in front of the face of your dog.  That’ll teach ’em.