Final Cut Express HD

posted in Pressed & Bound, Tech on Sep 14, 2007

Sometimes I buy toys. It’s a simple fact of life for most men; it’s hard to break yourself away from things you could have fun with. My latest toy is not an inexpensive one: Final Cut Express HD. Some of you might say that it’s overkill for my purposes (Pressed & Bound), but I’d say it’s UNDERKILL. I don’t even know what that means.

So far the experience has been a completely positive one. No more am I having to fumble around with B.S. iMovie controls that make me want to kick puppies. The only times I’ve cursed with this program have stemmed from my own uneducated self. I’m having to learn how to use the software, and that’s been a pretty fun journey. Luckily, I’m walking into the experience with a firm understanding of what layers are, and how those things overlap, so I feel like I’m grabbing onto things faster than I might otherwise. With that said, it’s still taking a while to put some things together, again, simply because I don’t know how everything works. It’s all trial and error at this point, but I’m slowly learning how things work with each other.

So really I just wanted to gloat a little bit that I owned this program. I’m very happy with it after…a day, and hopefully it will continue to help me forget that iMovie ever existed.