Florida Vacation, Day 6

posted in Miscellaneous on Jun 25, 2009

Today we went to the Magic Kingdom. We’ve been there before and nothing really has changed, so this post will not be that exciting.

The only ride we were excited about was the Pirates of the Caribbean ride that they just redid. Turns out all they did was add the likeness of Johnny Depp to a few choice mannequins and that’s it. It was as not that interesting. So now I guess the ride is trying to mimic the movie rather than the other way around? At least the line was only ten minutes long and totally indoors.

The best new attraction at the park is a Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor…thing. I forget the actual name, but it’s basically stand up comedy from Mike from Monsters Inc. and some others. Surprisingly, it was hilarious. The “stage” was just a projected screen in the front of the room, but it had live people do the voices of the monsters who were not Mike, so they could interact with the audience. You could even text message a joke for them to use in the show (they didn’t take mine, those jerks). It was great, A+.

After about five hours of walking around cramped spaces (cramped because of a million people), we gave up and headed home to rest where I am now. We’re about to play a rousing game of Skip-Bo, so WATCH OUT.

Tomorrow we’re going to see Cirque du Soleil; it should be epic.