Frayed Strings

posted in People on Jun 28, 2006

I don’t know if this is a universal thing, but people in my life seem to enjoy leaving; as in, leaving from my presence and not looking back. It seems so easy for people. How in the crap is it so easy for people to do that? I in my life have only dropped friends with someone once. That was back in high school when one friend desperately hated another one of my friends. It turned out to be the right decision because that first friend was just wackout-crazy and turned into a huge skank after high school.

Anyhow, currently the trend is pointed all back in this direction. I keep friends for a while and then they just leave. Poof. I’m probably stretching the truth a little bit. This has only happend once or twice, but it’s definitely aggrivating when the person is a close friend. I mean, I assume the bond is fairly equal for both parties, so severing the bond should have similar effects to each person. But this doesn’t seem like it’s the case. Maybe my problem is finding people who simply don’t care about others, befriending them, and not realizing this fault until it’s too late.

But that’s just silly. People don’t do that to people. People don’t just leave for no reason. There’s always a reason, whether it’s outwardly shown or not.

The rant here is coming to a close, and nothing has really been resolved, but I’ve let out some latent emotions about a subject that really makes me mad. I’m not perfect, and no one else is either, but I get crapped on a lot, it seems, and I’m about sick of it.