Friggin' Sweet

posted in Past Goodness, People on Feb 20, 2005

So I’ve made fun of visors and idiots with big trucks, now who?  That’s right, today is for those retards who think it looks good to wear a polo shirt with the collar up.  I’ve seen you walking around lookin’ all “hip,” hittin’ on girls like the collar gives you confidence.  I really envy you, man, because I’ve figured out where the confidence comes from: you have no dignity, pride, or self respect.  I mean, who can think that an upturned collar looks good?  Yeah, Elvis did it, but Elvis was a millionaire.  You can do a lot of things and get away with it when you’re loaded.  You, my friend, are not a millionaire, probably barely even a hundredaire, thus the collar looks pretty bad.  And by “bad” I mean “not good.”  And by “not good” I mean “please jump off a cliff.”