Fun Time Work Email 2

posted in Work on Aug 17, 2009

Today’s fun time work email comes from Kornfield (; another super legit address) with the subject line: es Gid. ” She went into the house as. Today’s excerpt comes from An Arkansas Planter, written by Opie Percival Read:

Uch as it is your fear. In blind and stupid obedience there is a certain sort of gallantry, and in trotting to Mrs. Cranceford’s cluck you may be wise.” “It’s not that I’m afraid of offending her,” the giant said. “The girl is too good for Tom any day, or for any of us when it comes to that, but the distress of his mother haunts me, and I don’t want that girl’s affection for Tom to haunt me too. I don’t want to see them together if I can help it. One haunt at a time is enough. But I tell you this, if it should come to a question I would decide in favor of the girl.” “Jimmie, you are improving. Yes, I am doing you great good. I found your mind an insipid dish and I have sprinkled it with salt and pepper. You are right. Always decide in favor of the young, for the old have already had their disappointments. Well, I’ll go. Lift your paw. My horse can’t move out from under its weight.” “All right,” said the giant, laughing and stepping back. “By the way,” he added, “tell Tom to be sure and meet me at the landing at two o’clock to-morrow. We are going down to New Orleans.” “What, alone? I ought to go along to take care of you. I could steer you away from all the bad places and by this means you would naturally stumble on the good ones. I’ll see you when you get back.” At home the old man had lighted his fire and was listening to its cheerful crackle when his visitors came, laughing. With a boisterous shout Tom kicked the door open, and when the girl remonstrated