Fun Time Work Email 3

posted in Work on Aug 19, 2009

Today’s FTWE (I’ve now coined this acronym), comes from spambot Marcos Rainey ( with the subject line: Ay that he fastened them to. It’s from the novel A Book of Myths by Jean Lang.

Isters turned upon her with furious scorn and well-simulated wrath.
“Shameless one!” they cried; “and does our father’s daughter confess to a thing so unutterable! Only by slaying the monster canst thou hope to regain thy place amongst the daughters of men.” They left her when evening fell, carrying with them their royal gifts. And while she awaited the coming of her lord, Psyche, provided with knife and lamp, crouched with her head in her hands, a lily broken by a cruel storm. So glad was Eros to come back to her, to find her safely there–for greatly had he feared the coming of that treacherous pair–that he did not note her silence. Nor did the dark night show him that her eyes in her sad face looked like violets in a snow wreath. He wanted only to hold her safely in his arms, and there she lay, passive and still, until sleep came to lay upon him an omnipotent hand. Then, very gently, she withdrew herself from his embrace, and stole to the place where her lamp was hidden. Her limbs shook under her as she brought it to the couch where he lay asleep; her arm trembled as she held it aloft. As a martyr walks to death, so did she walk. And when the yellow light fell upon the form of him who lay there, still she gazed steadily. And, lo, befor

Thanks, Marcos…whoever you are.