posted in Past Goodness on May 23, 2006

I enjoy a well manicured lawn.  I do. They look nice and they feel nice, but how much mowing does one place need?  The little plot outside of my apartment gets over-cut on a weekly basis.  Well actually, it’s more like daily.  They mow this stuff every other day, and since it may or may not be about 100 degrees outside with no rain for the past three months, they’re basically just chewing up the Sahara.  It looks like an Iraqi flea market outside every couple of days, with dust and debris flying everywhere like at the camel races.  Of course, this is great for my car, which gets covered with crap and makes it nasty before it’s due.  Thanks guys.  If you want to dust stuff, go down to the wheat fields.  Don’t do it in my front yard.