posted in Miscellaneous on Jul 6, 2007

On viewing the abomination that is Transformers, I come away with some thoughts that have been stewing in my subconscious for a while. Movies have been doing this since the days that computers have been around, but it’s hit its breaking point. Of course, what I’m talking about are the filmmakers who take it upon themselves to include in their films completely ridiculous plots elements in the form of people who can “hack” into government computers – or any other computer for that matter – within seconds. Come on guys, stop it.

First of all, if you’re curious: Transformers is a horrible movie. This is something that you could probably figure out simply by being directed by Michael Bay. Things go boom, yes, but other than that you could sleep through the entire movie and only feel bad that you wasted $9.

Now, as far as the point of this post goes, I’m thoroughly pissed that the phenomenon of having a super-nerd guy that can infiltrate any computer system is still in effect. We’ve all seen it; you know what I’m talking about. One of the protagonists needs help, and who do they call? They call on one stupid idiot who has fifty computers in their room. Of course they’re smarter than all of the governmental computer experts! Those guys are dummies! But the guy who still lives with his mom can decode anything on this one single Hewlet-Packard.

I realize bitching about such things puts me on the level of the subject matter that I’m bitching about, but I think we’re at a time where enough people have used and understand computers well enough to see how this movie junk is just a farce. Ten years ago or so, I could suspend my disbelief enough to let it slide, but now it just makes me cringe. I’m done complaining about this now, but Transformers brought out my anger for this by having one of the stupidest and worst examples of it. If you have a choice, find another movie (Ratatouille!) to spend your money on. Transformers serves only to make you dumber.