He'd Jump On A Grenade For You

posted in Miscellaneous, Past Goodness on Aug 3, 2003

So on my constant pursuit of funny and comical things to bring to you, the faithful reader, I stumble upon this little guy. While not funny at first, let us look at some details. Firstly, it seems to me that this little bear has seen one too many days of action. I mean look at that stare! He’s a killin’ machine. That’s the stare of a seasoned vet if I’ve ever seen one. Life, death, these things make no difference to this little guy, so long as Charlie doesn’t reer his ugly head. The M16 is hand crafted and includes two 30 round clips, and with an optional generation 3 bayonet, this is the bear to have on your side. The additional sand bags give the reasurance that if any bearded, towl wearing bears come into view, this trooper will not leave his post; he will stay and duke it out like any good soldier should. This is a piece that everyone should have. Add “Don’t Make Sudden Movements Bear” to your collection today! (note: Bear sized Hummer in background not included)