Hell Week Day 2

posted in School on Oct 17, 2007

Monday marked the first school day of Hell Week. Fortunately it was rather light in actual class time. Unfortunately it was incredibly long in terms of homework time. Hell Week Day 2 was the day I started all of the homework for my Management Science class, and before I was able to do start anything, I had to buy the book.

I woke up at about 10:30am that morning, ready to spend my hard earned money on a text book. I thought I was smart, and here’s why: during the normal class session, you can buy a book and take it back two days later for a full refund. Armed with this knowledge, I went to the bookstore thinking everything would be fine (I only needed the book for two days), and that I’d be made in the shade. It’s too bad I was wrong. DEAD WRONG. I took the book up to the counter, sullen with knowing that I was about to waste $171, and plopped it down. I made my purchase, to my chagrin, and took the book back to my apartment. Retrieving the receipt from the bag, I looked upon it to cement the feeling of being broke again. At the bottom of the receipt, where it normally gives you the information on when you can get a refund, were the words: NO REFUNDS DURING MIDTERMS. Total crap. I hate our bookstore, have hated it for at least six years now, and now I will never buy from them again. I’m sure they’re not too upset, I only have a semester left and they’ve stolen thousands of dollars from me in the past few years.

So anyhow, I bought the book and started doing homework in Management Science. For this class, I actually have to turn in the homework, so I at least need to have some of the things finished. The rest of the day would be left to do the 40 some odd questions about linear programming that I’ve neglected and to start the take-home midterm in the same class; so about 45 problems.

I spent the rest of the day after class let out at 2:15pm until around 9:00pm working on the questions. I finished 2 of the problems on the exam. About seven hours of sitting in one space nearly did me in, so I stopped then. At this time I was dead tired so I relaxed instead of studying for my Finance final for the coming day. I’m pretty smart. Tomorrow, though, you’ll see that I’m not.