I am all about Google Art Project

posted in Media on Feb 1, 2011

As someone who cannot paint worth a flip, it may be somewhat curious that I enjoy looking at paintings. Well, I suppose that isn’t too strange; I can’t cook, but I love to eat. Recently, in an attempt to OWN THE UNIVERSE, Google has taken its infinite power and has started photographing a ton of major works all around the earth.

Using a set up that is essentially Google Street View, Google Art Project seeks to bring us incredibly high resolution images of quite a few paintings while allowing the user to “walk” through art galleries.

(I am a huge sucker for time lapse.)

In a similar way to how you can zoom in with Google Maps, zooming in on paintings here can get you close enough to see the brush strokes and cracks, or see an interesting way the image was created. Like this, Nocturne by James Whistler. Zoom in on that puppy and see the neatness.

One of the other great features is that you can create sharable “Art Collections.” Here is one I named Awesome Paintings.

I am really excited for this project. I hope it gains ground like Google Maps and ends up going to all the galleries it can. We should just accept that Google will be running earth in a couple of years.