I Don't Recall

posted in Miscellaneous, People on Apr 27, 2007

Do we really need to be reminded day in and day out that our government blows? Can’t they just throw us a bone every once in a while and do something that makes some semblance of sense and cognizant thought? A few days ago, this Alberto Gonzales fellow testified before a nation that watched dumbfounded. It turns out Gonzales can’t remember anything passed two hours. According to his maid, he has Post-It notes covering every surface of his house so he can remember where he is when he wakes up in the morning. Here is an excerpt from his testimony:

I don’t recall. I don’t recall. I’ve searched my memory. That doesn’t ring a bell. I don’t remember. I don’t recall. I’m an idiot. I’m lying to you. I don’t recall.”

People who know me know that I generally couldn’t give two flips over our government. I think that both the Republicans and Democrats are two equally annoying factions of our government hell bent on making money and names for themselves rather than accomplishing anything good for our country. With that said, however, when total B.S. like this Gonzales thing come up, I still get thoroughly pissed when I’m reminded that our country is run by complete asshats. I hate how the lot of us are going to school being told that to do well in the remainder of our lives we need to be honest, hard workers, yet our government lies to us wearing double breasted suits and we’re supposed to just accept it. Screw that noise. I’m almost to the point where I might have to register to vote, but when I don’t really like anyone who is running, it’s like trying to choose between a giant douche and a turd sandwich (yes, I stole that directly from South Park, deal with it).

I really wonder what it’s like in countries that have governments that listen to their constituents. Maybe a mythical country as this doesn’t exist, and such a Xanadu can only be the flutter of a hummingbird’s wing in my mind, but come on American government, stop licking balls. It’s hard for me to take my ethics class seriously when the leaders of the free world are getting away with being more full of shit than a gas station septic tank.