I signed up for it and let’s help Japan [Half Marathon]

posted in Running on Mar 14, 2011

Almost two weeks ago I posted a note asking people to push me over the edge and sign up for a half marathon, and it just so turns out that my will power to stay as far away from doing physical activity was broken. I signed up for it. I threw my hat into the ring, punched the dimpled chad of acceptance, took the Pepsi Challenge and chose “yes.” Something like that. In any case, it looks like I have paid my way to wrecking my body in the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon, scheduled for May 1st, 2011, but I will also be running for Japan.

Doing the marathon will be great, and I look forward to it, but it also gives me a good reason – if there wasn’t one already – to help those that have been displaced and injured in the recent events that have occurred in Japan. As a result, I have created this Crowdrise page where you can donate to the Red Cross as they provide assistance to those affected. It’s super simple, too. Just go to the page and hit the giant, orange “donate” button on the right. Bam. Your help will surely be appreciated, and tell your friends! It’s the cool thing to do.