It's About That Time Again

posted in Miscellaneous, School on Nov 29, 2006

Finals are looming, the flowers have stopped blooming, and my apartment is in need of some serious vacuuming. These are all signs of the holiday season, when things that really could have just been spaced evenly across the year have just been all stacked up on top of one another so hard it makes you want to rip your face off (or anyone else’s face, for that matter).

I currently have three finals, four papers to write, and one comprehensive 30 page summary of all of the papers I’ve previously written for one of my classes. The summary won’t be as daunting as it sounds, but it also won’t be super fun to write. I have to complete a lot of homework for one class, as well, so the school work is piling up. It doesn’t help that my motivation to do work in these classes has dried up.

Outside of school, the Wii still rocks, my Macbook Pro runs like butter, and my cat knocked over a glass bottle into the sink. Overall everything is good.