John Kimble Rules

posted in Past Goodness on Oct 14, 2003

I think people should get off Arnold’s back. These jokes about the ‘Governator’ are getting as cliche as seeing an Asian give the peace sign in a photograph. Just because he’s from a different country, couldn’t speak English well until the late 80’s, was Mr. Universe, married a Kennedy, and was in numerous films both good and bad shouldn’t give anyone the right to judge his performance as the governor of the most populated state in the union. I mean jeez people, have a little faith. Sarah Conner didn’t have anything to worry about when Arnold was sent back in time to protect her, why should we? Arnold was in ‘Jingle All the Way,’ arguably the best Christmas movie ever made. That alone should quell any doubt that he can be a good governer. So just lighten up, because Arnold is not California’s tuma’…..yet.