Let's Play Outside

posted in Past Goodness, Tech on Nov 14, 2004

Remember when you didn’t have a computer? I’m not talking about the one right in front of you or that time that you had to go to grandma’s house for a week or something. I’m talking like when stuff like that wasn’t even thought of, like when you woke up in the morning and got dressed and started your day. Now you wake up and before anything else you check your email because someone, somewhere could have sent you a forwarded message from some 1/2 legged kid that will get ten cents everytime that message is passed on. You live for that email. You crave it. You want it. But you don’t say you do. You love hitting that little “X” that deletes that message and then telling your friends later that day at lunch that you “got another one of those emails.” But just a mere ten years ago it was all different. You looked outside and saw a pretty day that you could go play in and staring at a monitor was never on your mind. Now you have to make sure none of your favorite websites got updated since you last checked them at 2 a.m. in the morning the night before. But doesn’t it become mundane? We live a robotic life now anchored to glowing screens and it’s just getting old. This is why our technology is getting smaller and more wireless so that you can take it outside! Isn’t that a great idea? We can go outside now and get sunburned while we waste time reading what someone we don’t know thinks about the world or chatting with some sixteen year old on whether it was better to have Han or Greedo shoot first. Soon or later we’ll come full circle, where we wake up in the morning and look outside and want to go run and play, but by this time the technology will be so small that you’ll have some chip grafted onto the back of your skull that hooks right up the internet so that when the Star Wars Episode XXVII script is leaked to the masses you’ll be right there, on a blanket in the park, shouting in joy.