Let’s Run

posted in Running on Mar 17, 2010

Tomorrow, in about thirteen hours, I will be running. Why? I honestly have no idea. Well, truth be told I might be turning into a hipster and will attempt to get all “healthy” or some such. To spice it up a bit, I will be running in my Vibrams.

As we all know, I’ve had and have used these type of shoes for almost a year now, but I haven’t done any extensive running in them (like I had planned on doing). I’m definitely not opposed to the idea, I simply never got around to doing it much until now. My Vibrams have simply been my super comfortable shoes that I wear everywhere unless it’s snowing outside.

The circuit that I will attempt tomorrow afternoon will be about 3km, or 1.86411358 miles around the great Lake Hefner. I’m not quite sure what will happen, death is always a possibility, but I will surely discuss it in print for after I thoroughly exhaust myself. If it all works out and I do continue to run regularly, I have half a mind to at least try the 5km portion of the OKC marathon that is happening in about a month and a half. That remains to be seen, but running a marathon is definitely on my bucket list.