Midterms Really Did Suck

posted in School on Oct 24, 2007

So after all of that B.S. I wrote about last week concerning midterms and all of that nonsense, this week is the aftermath of all of that. I had thought that I probably would have done ok, but it turns out that I was wrong. I’ve seen all of my exams this week, and to my horror, these have been the worst midterms of my life.

I really don’t know what happened. Yes, I did all of my homework and studying just a few days before the exams, but at the end of each of my exams, only one felt fairly shaky. The shaky one was bad, yes, and I knew that that one would be fairly bad, but to my surprise the other two turned out to be bad as well. I’m not going to put any numbers, but it’s bad enough to think about simply dropping because I don’t know if I can pull my grades up high enough to pass. I’d end up having to take the classes over again anyway. Yes, that bad.

So now I’m in quite a pickle. Should I keep going on with school to invariably fail anyway, or should I just stop now, cut my losses and finally get out of school like I’ve wanted to do for years? I haven’t decided. There’s a career fair going on at school tomorrow, and there are a couple of companies that look kind of interesting (mainly Dell and Apple, although I might have a hard time getting a job at Dell because I think their computers are crap), but we’ll see. I don’t really have an up-to-date resumé, and I don’t know if I should add that I’ve taken one year of graduate school only to quit (if I do so). I’m not sure about that.

I guess there’s a first time for everything, but this series of events has taken me aback a little bit, as well it should. I’ve never made anything below a B for a final grade in a course, and the proposition of failing is somewhat hard to swallow. Luckily, I don’t measure my intelligence on how well I do on some test for a class that I didn’t want to be in anyway, but the circumstance is angering, if not only for how much money I’ve had to sink into all of it this semester.

With that said, though, I still feel like kind of a shmoe for not making good grades; I know that others did ok, why couldn’t I? And then that leads to thoughts of me not really being that smart, but I know that’s not true. I’m not saying I’m a genius, but I’m no dummy. I guess Finance, Marketing Strategies, and Management Science are just three things that I’m not good at. Everyone has something, right? Although I’ve had Finance and Marketing in undergrad and did fine, so I don’t know about those classes.

An interesting thought that does come about from all of this is that, really, I can only go up from here. I mean, it’s pretty much the rock bottom of what I can do. Or I’m just trying to put a positive spin on things that aren’t so positive. But we’ll see. I just wish that I didn’t have those grades on my transcript, because they won’t look that great.

What do you guys think? I’m still a little dumbfounded by the whole ordeal. It’ll probably hit me tomorrow or the next day.

  • Dell is going to be looking for sales rep, marketers, and call center reps. They might have a management position or two open but if it’s like the career fair at my college they’re mainly here to find people who don’t know what they want to do but think Dell is cool and will start anywhere.

    Stick it out for this semester. You might wind up with a C you’re extremely proud of for working your ass off for and that’s one less class you’d have to retake (Quantitative Analysis, I’m looking at you. (See, it’s been a year and I still brag about pulling a C in that class. Nevermind that a lot of my class pulled higher grades.)). During winter break you can reevalulate everything and look at your options.

    Go to that career fare and start saving up money, though. The job search isn’t a fun one, and you don’t want to survive on $450 a month for 6 months like I did because I was stupid when I graduated.

  • Thanks for the comments. Unfortunately, a C is bad news for me. I have to retake the class if I get anything below a B-.

    Today I’m a little less pissed off about school than I was yesterday. I may end up trying to pull things together simply because I’ve never quit anything before. But I don’t know. My drive to do so is dangling from a string, pretty much anything can snap it.

    I’m almost done with the resumé I was working on last night. It’s pretty bare, but these aren’t formal interviews anyway. I’d almost assume they wanted a slimmed down resumé than a big one (I would). I think I’m going to have a slight advantage anyway by already having a degree. Most of those kids won’t; they’ll simply trump me on extracurricular activities.