New Board

posted in Site Updates on Jul 10, 2006

So I took the plunge and installed a new message board for the site. It needs some hardcore styling, but for right now it has the default template. Thanks go to for making the install process super easy.

Hopefully this new board won’t be as janky as the old one. While it worked, it wasn’t really my favorite thing in the world. There’s not a ton of things that this board does over the one that’s already in place, but the one thing that it doesn’t do is serve up a crapload of banner ads. That aspect of the deal I like.

For now I’m going to leave the link to the old message board and let people migrate. I did this last time when the forum changed but then people just said, “Change the friggin’ link!” I’m going to see how long it takes people to tell me to just change it over!

EDIT: So I went ahead and changed the link. The old message board can be found here.