Not That Anyone Is Even Here, But…

posted in Site Updates on Jan 24, 2010

In the next couple of days I will be attempting to transfer this domain over to a new hosting plan. What you can expect from that is some possible downtime to the site, which will be devastating to some people (read: no one).

I’ve also purchased the domain, which to me sounds more appropriate in this crazy Web 2.0 world than Although in the end, either one of those URLs that you type in will get you to the same place. I just figure that since all of the hip people have their own name as a .com I needed one too.

The benefit of moving this all around (outside of the new name) is that I will be consolidating three hosting payments into one, for a total savings per year of something like $100, which I will quickly turn around and buy LOADS of ice cream with. If I can get this site up and running well, I plan on moving Pressed & Bound over as well, as it has a similar plan set up as this site does.

I’m hoping that none of my files get lost and that all of the links will still work, but I can’t really guarantee anything, so if it all breaks I’m sorry, we’ll just have to deal with it together.

I’ll see you on the other side.