posted in Past Goodness on Feb 21, 2006

The rabbit tells the tortoise, “I’m faster than you, you slow freaking animal.”  The tortoise nods, knowing full well that this rabbit’s Achilles Heal comes in the form of self confidence to rival Hitler’s, albeit of a simpler and less genocidal nature.  How does the tortoise know this?  That sucker sat around and watched the rabbit, watched him ’til his face turned blue, and figured this out.  Similarly, I’ve noticed myself doing such things.  When in a group I generally like to listen, to receive rather than transmit.  You can learn a ton of things by just watching body language and they people react to one another.  We all know this, but I don’t think that most of us actively pay attention to it.  I don’t think of myself as some great philosopher of languages unspoken, but I do think a fairly broad knowledge of physical reactions is very important.  We all have this innate understanding of body language, but seldom to people go out of their way to acknowledge it.  So next time you’re ever in a situation where you can just sit and watch, take it.  You’ll probably learn a lot about your friends that you didn’t know.