Oh The Irony

posted in People on Mar 30, 2007

I always think it’s funny when religious groups get upset over the silliest of things. This week a nude, anatomically correct chocolate sculpture of Jesus Christ was taken down in New York at a hotel that houses art. The sculpture looks like what you’d expect to see from any work like this: Jesus is standing upright with his armed stretched (although this one does not have a cross supporting him). The big difference, and why this story is newsworthy to begin with, is that there is no loin cloth protecting the innocent children from parts of the body that most of them already have. Oh the humanity! What’s that you say, a penis?!? You mean that thing on a male that allows him to urinate and propagate? That thing, created by God when forming Adam and Eve, can never be displayed on our savior! How dare they try to make a Jesus that conforms to the standards of being human! I may be going out on a limb here, but I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say Jesus never went to the bathroom. Ever.

What makes this story even more silly and outrageous are the reactions that the hotel received:

The hotel and the gallery were overrun Thursday with angry phone calls and e-mails about the exhibit. Semler said the calls included death threats over the work of artist Cosimo Cavallaro, who was described as disappointed by the decision to cancel the display.

Boy, these religious types sure do know how to go against the 10 Commandments. “They put a penis on my Jesus? Off with their heads!” It seems that most of the people who were angry with the display were Catholics, so much of the hate seems to fall in line with their anti-nether regions/sex policy. From what I understand, if you’re Catholic and even think about having sex before marriage your genitals explode, but I may be wrong about that. In the defense of the Christian religion as a whole, I’m certain that those who called in death threats make up the vast minority of believers, but they aren’t helping me want to go to church on Sunday.

I wish this country would lighten the F up on matters such as this. Seeing a peepee isn’t going to kill anyone.