Pandas Taste Good

posted in Food, Past Goodness on Oct 11, 2004

Have you ever considered the ironic nature associated with the eating utensils of our brethen to the East: chop sticks? For a culture rich in…culture and stuff, you’d expect them to come up with a better idea than the chop stick. They could at least make bamboo spoons or something. Grasping food items with two thin, straight fashioned wooden sticks is not my idea of easy eating. We white devils had the brain capacity to form one tool that both pokes and scoops most food items, why couldn’t they? They figured out how to make fireworks and the fork is too hard to comprehend? Even the name of the chop stick is ironic. How many things have you chopped with a set of chop sticks? None, that’s how many. They should’ve named it the poke stick rather than the chop stick because that’s generally what westerners do: poke at food with them. We don’t have the finesse to manipulate things with them (heck, even Mr. Miyagi couldn’t catch a fly with them, and he’s a master. Yes, Daniel San did it…but that was just movie magic) because we’re too used to having the luxory of a single, three to five pronged apparatus to eat with. I think the spork is garnering the attention of those billion or so people who live over there. This is a step in the right direction. I assume this is a direct result of KFC being introduced over there. Colonel Sanders-san was alway keen on the spork.