Passing Classes Is Fun.

posted in School on Dec 19, 2006

Normally I wouldn’t be so excited about this, because normally it doesn’t freak me out so much, but according to the internet, I have passed my classes for the fall. The grades aren’t fantastic, but I don’t have to repeat anything, so that’s always a plus. I had been worrying for the past week that I had got a C in one of my classes, but as it turns out, the magic grade fairies have brought me the present of not failing for Christmas. Apparently staying up all night and cramming worked out a little better than I had thought, or the most likely scenario is that everyone bombed the final exam and the professor had to curve it for anyone to pass. I’m going to vote for the latter, as I know I didn’t take anything good from staying up that entire night other than the knowledge that Vault is just water-downed Mountain Dew and goblin piss. So in the end, I can sigh a sigh of relief that I will not have to punch through any walls in frustration on account of bad grades. I can simply punch through walls on account of me simply being an Angerholic.