posted in Miscellaneous, People on Mar 12, 2007

I’m about sick of hearing the term “hair product.”

“Oh no, Miffy, I ran out of product!”

Just say it: “I ran out of shampoo.” Calling it “product” doesn’t make it glamorous. It’s just crap that you put in your hair. Calling it “product” is inefficient. “I ran out of product!” “What kind?” “Hair gel.” Yeah, that’s so much better than just: “I ran out of hair gel.” Well I guess since the only people who say “product” are prissy, rich, cupcake eating S.O.B.s, they can afford to waste the extra time.

No one uses such stupid terminology for anything else. “I ran out of cereal product!” “I need a new pair of shoe product.” “Hey, when are you guys going to get some more prophylactic product?”

This is going nowhere so I’ll stop it at that. Fin.