Random Musing for 5-22-03

posted in Past Goodness, People on May 27, 2003

People shouldn’t make fun of those unfortunate enough to live in the country. It’s not our fault that we live out in a place were civilization ceases to exist. We live in a peaceful place where there is much “mooing” and all trucks are required to have at least six wheels. The concept of cement roads has yet to make it to this magical land. Anyone who wants to know what the year 1875 feels like should hop, skip, and jump on down to this festering hole of unintelligence and crooked teeth. You want to know what’s even more funny? I’m not typing this on the internet about to save it to my website. Oh no. This “internet” we all know and love has no place in the country. The sound a modem makes spooks the horses and angers the shotgun toting neanderthal that sits on his front porch and talks to the “critters” that wander the dirt path at night. I’m still adjusting to the bartering system these primitive life forms have grown so accustomed to. I believe three beers are worth a chicken, and you can buy any woman for a sheep and calf. I’m not completely sure about that though, I’ll have to check my Hillbilly Abacus and make sure. Only three more months of this, though. Then I’ll be able to make my way back into the crowded, overpopulated streets of the city where everything is normal. I’m going to go see if Pa needs any help picking out which overalls to wear today.