Say "No!" to Drugs

posted in Past Goodness, People on Apr 14, 2004

I’m sorry ladies, but if you continue to wear short shorts with words on your butt like “Hottie” or “Princess,” then I’m going to continue to look at your butts. When I notice words, I generally turn my attention to whatever it says because it could be something important. For all I know, the writing on your butt could say, “The end of the world is nigh!” Now that’s a message I wouldn’t take lightly. You could even start putting some pro-environment slogans like: “Say ‘NO’ to CFCs” or “Carpool!” You could have some pro animal sayings too: “Fur is murder!” “Have your pet spayed or neutered!” Now I’d be inclined to take action if I saw something like that walk by. I would not use hairspray and my cat would have no balls if a hot chick’s butt told me to.