Search Queries And You

posted in Miscellaneous, People on Jul 19, 2009

It’s time yet again for my favorite game and yours: “Let’s See What People Have Searched For!”

Here are a few of the searches that have come up in the last thirty days. In no specific order (even though I’m going to put them in an ordered list just for fun):

  1. garretspage
  2. Way to go, guy. Way to search for the thing you’re already at.

  3. majora’s mask time lapse
  4. I’m not even sure where this came from. I don’t recall ever talking about Majora’s Mask….Wait…yeah I did.

  5. what is a pickleaxe?
  6. I’m actually going to be serious here for a second and answer this…seriously. A Pickleaxe is a World of Warcraft character made by a super awesome dude (me). Pickleaxe has since retired, but may come back into service if I ever decide to play more WoW (we’ll see). Also, the best part of Pickleaxe is that he is apparently the ONLY one in existence in all of WoW. Yeah, I rule.

  7. vibram five fingers suck
  8. You suck. How about that?

    And there you go. There are a few more terms on the list, but they were either redundant or they made less sense than these, so I pretend they don’t even exist. The End.