"…so it's a network built on other networks where people can share vast amounts of information? You don't say…"

posted in Past Goodness, Tech on Jul 15, 2003

I think I may have reached the limits of the internet. Seriously. I’ve been using this thing for a while and I find it to be…well…rather boring now. It’s like when you were seven and you got a new toy. Boy, that toy was something else, wasn’t it? “Mommy mommy! I want that toy right there! I won’t ask for anything ever again!” you said. You dirty liar. You know as well as I do that about three days later that toy was more boring than watching John Tesh knit a sweater. Well this is what I feel like the internat has become, only this toy cost a few hundred more dollars to set up than that Johnny Combat action figure. The last time I fealt this way was right before the whole internet messaging thing broke loose. Then the internet became exciting again. You could talk to your friends anytime, anywhere, without paying long distance fees! And then, slowly, that became routine. I see this little yellow smiley face, orange running man, and green, half shaded, person with a butterfly in the bottom right hand corner of my screen every day. They were awesome at first, but they ain’t doing it for me anymore. Maybe I just need new friends. I see the same people online EVERY DAY. It’s like seeing the same co-worker for years, you just stop saying “Hello” every morning when you walk into the office. For those few people that are online everyday like I am: I’m sorry, you’re my friends, but I wish someone else would be online instead every once in a while. If you’re reading this now, and you think I may be talking about you…then I probably am. I don’t know, I suppose I’m just grumpy. Trigun started a two part episode last night and I really want to find out what happens. I really do love the internet, and I like all of you….you two or three people who actually come here…it’s probably down to about one now who came here by mistake from typing in ‘garret’ at google looking for the Garret Mountain Campus of Berkeley College or for directions on how to build a garret. So that’s about it…holy crap! Trigun is about to come on!