Some TED Talks

posted in Media, People, Tech on Jun 27, 2010

If you’re not familiar with, it’s basically a repository for really amazing lectures given by people who are much more intelligent than you or me. That’s really all there is to it. I simply want to list a couple that I’ve watched tonight. And don’t worry, all of the talks are very interesting.

The first, which is what is shown above, is a fifteen minute talk with a math genius who can square up to five digit numbers in his mind. It’s really quite fascinating.

This second video is all about how you might not know all the things you think you know. The part about orbits is very interesting.

The third discusses how our current education system stymies children’s ability to be creative. As someone who went to public school, I can relate. It’s both humorous AND interesting. I really enjoyed this one.

And lastly, this is the follow-up to the video above. I enjoy listening to this fellow talk about what I’ve always wanted: a change in the way people are educated. Although, he does talk about young people not wearing watches, and I’ve always worn watches; since I can remember. I love time and knowing it, but I’m also weird.

That’s all for now. Go to that website and watch more of these lectures. DO IT NOW.