Teddy Roosevelt Island 4/14/12

posted in Photography on Apr 16, 2012

The National Mall is a great place full of interesting things to look at, and if you aren’t careful you might actually get some exercise without even knowing it. But what if you want to see an interesting memorial but not be in and among hordes of people? Theodore Roosevelt Island might be what you are looking for.

To be perfectly honest, I am not the hugest fan of these images. They turned out ok, and as a means of showing some things about the island I guess they work, but I am not in love with them. I nearly did not upload them at all, hoping to sell them for scrap or whatever you do with images you are not wholly fold of, but I decided that I shouldn’t take these things so seriously because the island is really cool.
[slickr-flickr search=”sets” set=”72157629827523663″]
And its peaceful as hell. AS HELL…if hell were a place made of calming green trees and chirping birds. There are supposed to be some water fountains in action on the grounds as well, but they are currently completely dry due to maintenance. The whole place would surely be quite a bit more awesome had the two large fountains and pools been operational, but I cannot complain.

Beyond the memorial, you get trees and forest animals (I saw a snake!). The memorial is pretty much the only thing on the island beyond some dirt trails. You can walk right up to the water is many places if you so choose; some folks had actually landed canoes and kayaks on the banks. It was pretty cool.

From one end of the island, you can look across the river to see Georgetown, where all of the rich people live. There you are, sitting on a rock, looking at rich people drive their rich cars in rich town. “Oh yeah? Well you don’t have dirt in your shoe from walking these dirt paths! AWW YEAH, NATURE!” you think while mentally shaking your fist at people you can hardly see.

So to sum up the experience: if you have the time, go pay the old bull moose a visit. It’s pretty great.

The Flickr set for these images (with more descriptions!) is here.