The War On Drugs Starts With Grandma

posted in Past Goodness on Nov 7, 2004

So there was just a commercial on TV with some chick stealing money from her grandmother with the tagline: “You’ll always remember who you hurt when you were high.” Ok, for one thing, we never see that girl get high. Maybe grandma just needed some money out of her purse because the batteries on her Hover-round ran out and her seeing eye dog was too busy licking its butt or sleeping. Or maybe the girl did steal the money but is actually a raging alcoholic. You don’t hurt anyone when you’re a raging alcoholic, right? Second of all, grandparents don’t need money; its as simple as that. What do they buy? Hard candy? That crap that turns their hair blue? Orthopedic shoes? Most grandmothers are all about giving their grandchildren money. All this girl was doing was skipping a couple of steps and going straight to the source. So maybe she goes out and buys a little smack with the money, nobody is perfect.