This Is Why Amazon Prime Rules

posted in Miscellaneous on Sep 10, 2009

Some people might be skeptics. “$70 a year for free two day shipping?! That’s outrageous!” Depending on your level of activity with the website, however, such a sentiment might change – very quickly – by using the service for a couple of weeks.

I used to be one who only ordered thing online when they either were absolutely not available in stores, or if the product I was looking for had a dramatic price reduction due to fancy internet magic. I actually bought my video camera online, as we all know. Buying online usually goes pretty well, you wait a week because you’re too cheap to buy any other shipping method, and then when it comes you pretty much have forgotten that you bought anything to begin with. Amazon Prime changes all that business.

Earlier this summer, I tried a brief trial of the service when buying some camera supplies, and was pleasantly surprised to see them arrive in one day. ONE DAY. I then, because I’m awesome, forgot all about having the trial, and Amazon went ahead and charged my account for years worth. Thoroughly pissed for a couple of minutes (I wasn’t expecting the charge, of course), I realized that it might actually be a boon. I started buying more things because, hey, free shipping, and in the passed three months or so, I think Prime has paid for itself.

How did it get to OKC in one minute? MAGIC.

How did it get to OKC in one minute? MAGIC.

Since purchasing the plan, I’ve ordered 14 things. If normal 2 day shipping is roughly $10 (that figure is probably low), then I’ve saved $140 – this is MATH, people, try to keep up. However, most of my shipments have actually come in one day. ONE DAY, FOLKS. If normal one day shipping is, we’ll low ball it and say $15, then Amazon Prime is so full of awesomesauce your body can not even take it. Couple that with not having to pay tax, and it becomes a high-five throwing bananza. I might just be lucky, though; it seems like there is a shipping center in Kansas, which is not too horribly far from OKC. Geographically, I might have just hit the Amazon Prime lottery; who knows?

So at the end of the day, if you shop online at all – specifically Amazon – for more than a few purchases a year, Prime might be a great option. Don’t be scared on the front end because of a seemingly high start up price.