Thrifty McThrifterson

posted in Past Goodness, People on Mar 14, 2005

What is it with girls and thrift stores?  What is the allure of going to a place and buying used crap from people you don’t know?  In bizzarro world, when people sell their belongings they sell nice things that aren’t worthless.  In the real world, we get tore up junk that could or could not be covered in invisible filth.  I don’t care if the prices are good, I want something that hasn’t been fondled by a creepy old man or in the washing machine with someone else’s underwear.  Not everything in a thrift store is particularly bad, though.  There could be a nice enough couch every once in a while that might not be too bad to purchase, until you think of what could have happened on that couch…the things conceived on that couch…So the next time you’re dragged to a thrift store, bring gloves.